What is tuition reimbursement?

Tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance are popular programs offered by many employers. They are arrangements where the employer will pay for parts of or all of an employee's continuing education and could include language courses.

Most tuition programs are included in your contract, which generally covers:

  • How much of your tuition your employer will cover
  • The types of courses that qualify
  • Any minimum GPA or completion requirements
  • Any employment requirements

How does tuition reimbursement work?

Tuition reimbursement programs are different from company to company; however, most of them operate in much the same way. 

  1. Notify your employer of the approved course you want to take.
  2. Pay for the course.
  3. Your employer will refund you the agreed cost once the course is completed or you meet the requirements set by your employer.

How can Berlitz help with your tuition reimbursement?

Our Berlitz Enrollment Advisors can help you determine whether or not you are eligible for tuition reimbursement. We will work with you to explore the options your company offers, as well as providing guidance about who you can speak to within your company to find out specific information. 

Learn more about tuition reimbursement with Berlitz

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