English vocabulary is the root of the language

There are more than 1 million words in the English language. Most English speakers, though, only use about 20,000 words. Still, that is a lot to learn!

When it comes to learning English vocabulary, the important thing to remember is not to just memorize words. With Berlitz, our English vocabulary lessons are focused on teaching you what the words mean and how to use them.

How do you learn words in English?

Without words, you cannot begin to speak or read, which is why learning words in English is such an important part of understanding the language. When it comes to learning new words, it is easier to focus on words you will hear regularly when you use the language.

This means you should choose words that are used often, as well as words that you will hear regularly based on your job or hobbies. If you want to learn English to better communicate with people at work, you will want to focus on words that are specific to your occupation. If you are learning English because you want to be able to watch sports on television, you will want to focus on words that are used in those sports.

The reason it is important to choose words that you will hear regularly is that repetition is the key to learning. While it is easy to read a word and memorize what it sounds like, hearing it used over and over again will ensure you learn what the word means and how it is used.

Repetition and immersion are key pillars in all Berlitz English vocabulary lessons. We will focus on specific words and phrases and practice them continuously. This exposure to the words is what makes it easier for you to fully understand how to use them.

Tips for learning new words in English

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